Monday, August 22, 2011

Sushi Inn @ Randwick

This visit was actually a week ago but as always, I've been putting it off due to my 'busy' schedule. After my research work at the Prince of Wales Hospital, I met up with a friend for lunch. We were both finished for the day and felt like something more than hospital food so we strolled up to Randwick. It was a lovely sunny day but I felt like something warm and soupy to warm my body against the cold winter air. That's when I saw the winter specials on the window of Sushi Inn.

Most of the customers here seem to be staff members from the hospital. The sushi train is somewhere you can come even by yourself and enjoy a quick but tasty meal. Plus, it's economical - if you don't eat 10 plates like my brother that is.

It was nearly 3 o'clock so the restaurant was quite empty but the workers were still hurrying about to do their job. Service was fast and friendly although it took some time to get their attention away from whatever they were doing.

The sushi chefs were having a busy time of their own, preparing for dinner time and making more sushi for the train. There wasn't much variety though, probably because of the time but I did have my favourite unagi (eel) nigiri.

One of the few we've tried. The rice was hard and dry, again maybe because of the awkward time? I'll have to try this place again during proper meal times to really deduce their quality.

Be warned that you'll have to be extremely speedy when getting your ginger and wasabi since they are also on the sushi circuit. It was a race between human and machine but I managed to get the last piece of ginger before throwing the tongs back into the wooden bowl.

I ordered the chicken karaage ramen with the karaage on the side so it doesn't get soggy. Judging by their karaage, their food must be quite alright as it was crunchy, fat, and with that spicy saltiness. I thought it could have been better with a bit more garlic or ginger with the coating, at least salt, because it was a tad bit bland on its own. They had three different types of mayonnaise circulating on the train - original, fish roe, and wasabi. We had the wasabi mayonnaise but it wasn't as strong as I thought it would be. There was just a slight hint of wasabi in it but enough to taste it.

The ramen! I liked the ramen and especially the soup. It didn't have as much as other ramen places I've been to but it was just enough for me. The soup was delicious, not too salty and with a deep pork stock flavour. The egg was soft boiled (my favourite!) and soaked in the soup so it presented as a nice little side on its own.

Some ramen places have exceedingly salty soups that almost shrivel up your tongue when eating it. Some places either don't use fresh meat for their stock or handle it properly and you can smell the raw meaty smell from the soup. This place however was to my liking and if I'm nearby and feel like a warm winter treat, this is where I'll head.

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