Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moochi @ Strathfield

With the current health craze comes the new 'healthy' dessert trend - frozen yoghurts. They're popping up everywhere and here at Strathfield at the bottom floor of Webstation PC, is the newly opened Moochi.

With its hot pink decor and cute, white fencing, it reminds you of those Facebook games like Cafe World or Restaurant City where your ultimate goal is to decorate your shop with the most expensive furniture and ornaments. Even the name is cute and they've even used it in their menus, calling their smoothies "Smoochie". It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

As with other places, you choose the flavour of the yoghurt (the three cliched original, green tea and pomegranate) and the toppings. I decided to try pomegranate and see if this one actually does taste like pomegranate. Each topping costs 50 cents and I got my usual - granola, strawberries and something sweet, mini Oreos.

First bite! I wouldn't say I would have thought of pomegranate if I was given a bite when blindfolded but it certainly was very berrylicious! The strawberries were sweet and bite sized and I always love granola or muesli with my frozen yoghurts. I saved the Oreos until the last and although it didn't mesh well with the berry flavour, I still liked it because I'm a bit of a sweet tooth.

I was actually at Strathfield today and was thinking of visiting this place again. I regret not going because I'm craving it now!

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