Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cafe Berlin @ Balmain

How could I have forgotten to blog about my favourite brekky place?! After a long night of celebrating a dear friend's 21st at a hotel room, we wearily made our way back home. Balmain was on the way so we decided to stop for breakfast. We were initially planning to go to Kazbah to try their famous french toast a friend kept insisting but sadly it was closed on the day (it was a Monday) so I recommended Cafe Berlin, a cozy cafe just in front of Balmain Hospital.

As you enter, there is a bountiful display of cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and lots of sweets that make you stop and stare. Everytime I look at the display, I start salivating and my mind weakens. Only if I had an endless pit for a stomach. On the back wall is a mirror which they use as a whiteboard to write down their daily specials. Fresh ingredients are placed around the open kitchen, ensuring costumers that their food quality is reliable and top grade.

The birthday night was spent with an unbelievable amount of sweets. We had a fondue on top of that so we were craving something savoury and fresh. I ordered an apple juice while my friends got the juice blends. I forgot what they were called but the red one was a blend of mixed berries, cranberry, lemon & ice and the orange one a blend of carrot, orange, ginger & ice. They were such a pretty burst of colour we couldn't help but take several shots of just the juices.

The food came out a bit late but I guess that was because there was only one chef in the kitchen at that time. I had the 2 free range eggs with sourdough (scrambled with an extra side of bacon), and my friends ordered the 2 free range eggs with sourdough (poached), homemade beans melt, and the soup of the day (vegetable soup).

My first bite of my bacon was shockingly salty. They must have added more salt to my bacon because I could not finish it. The sourdough however was huge and soft, though I prefer brown bread when eating it with eggs so I can just bite it off. With sourdough, it's more of a battle trying to cut through the crust, like a dog with a chew toy. My friend was particularly happy with the butter. Only on the previous night had she been telling us that it was the best butter in the world but Australians don't seem to like international brands as experienced at my mother's cafe.

The homemade beans melt was delicious! Savoury, hearty and something different. It really was homemade, unlike those tinned baked beans. The beans were abundantly placed on a nest of baby spinach, and of course, served on the biggest slice of sourdough I've ever seen. I've tried making this at home with tinned baked beans and it just wasn't the same :(

The soup of the day was vegetable soup. It looked rather watery but when we tasted it, I regretted not getting it myself. The vegetable chunks were soft and soaked in the stock and when eaten with the sourdough, it was the best winter meal.

Poached eggs with sourdough.

My favourite dish here is the french toast. Thick slices of french toast served with berry compote, maple marscarpone and crispy bacon.. I salivate just at the thought of it. I've always wanted to try their muffins as well, freshly baked in the mornings. It's not the prettiest muffin , but it looks better than any of those round shaped ones. Not sure about the taste though. The coffee is also very nice!

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