Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oliver Brown @ Top Ryde

Yet another recently opened dessert cafe for all those sweet tooths such as I. Oliver Brown is a chocolate cafe located on the ground floor of Top Ryde Shopping Centre and is open until midnight. Everytime I come here it's quite full with people having simple but delicious hot chocs to choctastic desserts such as fondues or Belgian waffles.

I met up with my one and only for 'dinner'. Every time I go to delicious eateries, I'm in a hurry to let him try too so when we finally got the chance, we couldn't wait until dinner. So, we decided to have one plate of Belgian waffles each.

We each got two Belgian Waffles. It comes out drizzled in copious amounts of milk chocolate and on the side, one serving of chocolate and strawberry ice cream each. Each waffle has a quarter of a strawberry placed on top of it but it was of no interest to me when I had this sugar high dish right here in front of me.

While I was taking these photos, the Man had already impatiently dug into his and had taken a few bites out of it. The waffles were adequately crunchy on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside. I personally prefer the chocolate here to Max Brenner's as their chocolate has this nice but almost sickening sweetness to it. The chocolate at Oliver Brown is more bearable in large amounts.

I got down to every last drop of the chocolate and finished my chocolate ice cream with it. We also ordered a few cold drinks - Cookies & Cream and a chocolate milkshake, but these were unremarkable and as I've come to notice about cookies & cream drinks at cafes, they were pretty bland. We were full and on a sugar high with the waffles already so we only took a few sips of our drinks.

I've also tried their milk hot chocolate and ice cream fondue. I would definitely try both again, especially the hot chocolates. I still can't forget their thick, creamy chocolate sweetness..

Also, one lesson learned: never have dessert for dinner. We both felt a bit sick afterwards..

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