Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Conservation Hut @ Wentworth Falls

For my birthday, the Man arranged a special trip to the Blue Mountains. After a refreshing bushwalk on the Den Fenella track, we headed to the Falls Apartments located at Wentworth Falls. There, he cooked me a romantic dinner (that didn't go as planned but nonetheless sweet!) and we thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature.

The next day was a beautiful and relaxing day with endless blue skies stretching out in every direction. We were well rested and the air was crisp and fresh, waking us up to the serenity of the Blue Mountains. It was nearing noon and we were getting hungry so we decided to stop by at the Conservation Hut at the end of Fletcher St at Wentworth Falls.

The hut is part restaurant, part information centre so from the outside, you wouldn't expect much from the food. BUT let's not judge a book by its cover because the big breakfast, or the Hut Breakfast as I should say, was way beyond our expectations!

The inside is a little open and empty in the middle but next the huge fireplace, it was cozy and the view from the window was spectacular. I remember going to Solitary Restaurant located on Leura Falls. We expected a great view over the cliff but the restaurant was situated too far on the other side of the road so we all we saw was a thin blue line of trees over the fencing and the road. The Conservation Hut, however, provided us with a fantastic panorama, capturing the untouched beauty of the Blue Mountains with the sunlight gleaming across the sea of trees. It was truly magnificent.

The breakfast menu (until 11.45). There are a variety of choices!

I ordered a Chai Tea and the Man, the Orange Pekoe tea. It's in the high tea style in that you have to make your own tea. It took me a few tries to come up with the perfect ratio of tea:milk:honey but I got there in the end!

Now the Hut Breakfast. We are big brekky fanatics, even having a list of the places we've tried and liked and we were hungry. We got a Hut Breakfast each and when the waitress placed our plates down in front of us, we couldn't stop grinning at each other. However, pictures had to be taken and the Man was impatiently pressuring me to hurry up so he could dig in.

Believe me, I was in a hurry to try this too! Scrambled eggs on top of a thick-cut white toast, crushed potatoes, bacon, beef chipolatas, chorizos, mushrooms and roast tomatoes. I couldn't find anything wrong with this meal or the service. We were both smiling happily, food in our mouths. I even got an extra slice of bacon (courtesy of the Man, because I just love bacon after watching EMT) which I finished as well. In the end, I couldn't finish the entire dish but I was more than content. We had to give up our morning bushwalk but the meal was well worth the food baby :)

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  1. one of the better big brekkies on the big big brekky list.

    The Man