Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secret Slice @ Meadowbank

Secret Slice is a real treat found in the twists and turns of Meadowbank. The Man, eager to try out his new iPhone, discovered Secret Slice while browsing through Urbanspoon. Only recently opened, this place has already received an excellent rating from Urbanspoon (100% by 36 people). The Man mentioned that Buffalo was the best menu but when we had a look, we wanted to try everything.

We ordered two regular pizzas - a simple Margherita and the Shoreline, a seafood pizza of prawns, scallops, and marinaded octopus. There were a variety of combinations, from the traditional supreme to a type of pizza with chicken schnitzel. It was impossible for us to try everything we wanted so we chose one each and decided we'll leave the rest for another day.

Margherita. Sometimes simple is best. It was bursting with sweet tomato paste, endless cheesy strings, all served on a crunchy thin base. Personally, I prefer the simple traditional pizzas to the 'gourmet' selections.

Shoreline. Look at all those prawns and scallops! There hardly is an empty area left!

Yum. The prawns were plump and the scallops were juicy. There weren't too much octopus which I would have liked but for all the seafood lovers, this is your ideal pizza!

We managed to finish these between the two of us but we were both stuffed with food babies. They also do delivery within 5 km of the area. Next time I feel like a late night snack, I know where I'll call :)

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