Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dos Senoritas @ Gladesville

My second visit and once again I was captured by the Mexican flavours of Dos Senoritas. This time, I went with my mom who, being a chef, is highly criticizing of restaurants and their food. I've been meaning to take my family here since they both love Mexican food but my brother decided to be lazy and miss out on this unforgettable experience. His loss really.

I remembered my first visit and warned my mom not to order too much because we won't be able to finish even half of it. She ignored my advice and got a starter, two mains and a drink. I didn't mind because I wanted to try everything on the menu anyways :)

The Orcholata and the Jamaica. Orcholata is a Mexican hibiscus water and the Jamaica is a sweet Mexican rice water. I loved these two drinks, sweet yet refreshing. The Orcholata tastes similar to a berry drink while the Jamaica is a milky cinnamon drink. Despite being full from the food, I couldn't stop drinking them.

The Mexican Crack Pot - Pork chili verde topped with jack and cheddar cheese. The corn chips were the same as those given with the chili dip. The small pieces of pork are tender and mixed with beans. Place it on top of the corn chip with avocado, sour cream and the fresh tomato salsa and taste the Mexican flavours explode in your mouth. Mexican food tend to be very cheesy and thick so too much of it makes the stomach a bit uncomfortable. The fresh veggies and sour cream is there to help you refresh your mouth and to counterbalance out that saltiness.

My mom normally isn't generous with her compliments but with every bite she couldn't stop saying how good it was and how the 'food had flavours'. We ended up eating too much of this and felt full after the starter.

Carne Asada - Mexican steak grilled with tequila jalapenos, onions, tasty cheese served with bean and tomatillo sauce. The back bit of the menu got cut off when I was taking the photo so I guessed the bean and tomatillo sauce part. I didn't get to have a taste of this one but the colourful display was very attractive. My mom did mention the steak was overcooked and too tough but they were thin pieces of steak so it doesn't seem too hard to eat.

The Gringo Burro, stuffed with your choice of chilli verde, shredded beef, chicken or ground beef with black beans sauteed peppers, onions, topped with sour cream and green Chile sauce. Yum yum yum. Look at that beautifully rolled burrito. So fat and full of magnificent Mexican flavours. The marinade and juice from the meat mix well with the fried veggies, producing a soft blended flavour of bake and grill. I love the texture of chewing this, first through the chewy tortilla, then deep into Mexico. Yum!

As anticipated, we couldn't finish it. I had eaten three bites out of my burrito and my mom finished one piece of her steak but never fear! my brother is home and hungry. The sad thing about the food here is that it goes off incredibly quickly and it stank up the entire kitchen the next day. The smart way is to order just enough..but I know I'd rather be too full than too hungry.

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  1. Hahahaha "we couldn't finish it".. dainty females

  2. Dont forget what happened to you afterwards ..