Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dos Senoritas @ Gladesville

2/8/11 was our 8 month anniversary so as a small celebration, we decided to try out a new restaurant at Gladesville. I've been craving Mexican food for a while now and the Man himself hasn't had much experience with Mexican flavours so it was the perfect opportunity to try out this snug little restaurant we found on Urbanspoon.

Again, don't be fooled by the interior. I must admit I've tried several places just because it looked nice but have been sorely disappointed when the food came out.

Complimentary corn chips with jalepeno tomato salsa. The chips seemed fresh and was very crunchy. The spicy salsa that came with the chips was very nice and suited my palate well. I used the salsa for my burrito as well.

I am salivating as I write this. See all the chili seeds in the sauce? If you can't tolerate spicy foods, then only dip a moderate amount or you'll be panting like your tongue's on fire!

Our first dish! After consulting the waiter on portion sizes, we decided to share a quesedilla before the main meals. We added steak as an option and oh my goodness was it delicious! Top it up with a bit of guacamole and tomato salsa to balance out the oozing cheesiness. The steak was tender and there was quite a lot so that it was dropping out of its cheesy trap when we attempted to bite it. This dish was filling by itself but according to the waiter, the burrito was only slightly bigger than the size of your hand..

Oh boy was he wrong.. The burritos, or the 'burros' as they called it, were humongous! Plus, it came out with Mexican styled baked beans and Mexican fried rice. I forgot what they were called but mine was something like 'Ganguro burro' and the Man got the 'McDaddy Burro', a bigger version of what I got.

Mine came with salsa verde, a type of Mexican sauce made with jalepenos, while he had another reddish brown sauce. It had a strong Mexican chilli con carne-ish flavour but I wasn't sure what it was!

The size of two fists. The food was already eaten a bit when we took the photo and even then, it's huge!

A sneak peek of the burrito. We both chose shredded beef, which was marinated with spices. The beef was tender and delicious on its own. The occasional jalepeno and green capsicum completed the Mexican hit.

I especially liked the baked beans since you can't get them in this kind of flavour here in Australia. I thought the rice was a bit dry but it was still tasty and I ate each bite by layering the burrito -> baked beans -> guacamole -> tomato salsa (in this order for stability!).

I used to live in California so I was exposed to a lot of Mexican food and culture. My entire family are Mexican food fanatics and I was extremely glad to have found this place so close to home. So far, no other place has satisfied me with authentic Mexican flavours.

When we left the restaurant, we were very, very full. We couldn't finish it and had to take it to-go. Unfortunately when I tried to have it the next day, it was already off so it left me craving for it once again. I'm looking forward to the next time I visit, hopefully very soon!

Dos Senoritas on Urbanspoon

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