Thursday, August 11, 2011

Azuma Patisserie @ CBD

After my lunch at Azuma Kushiyaki, me and my friend decided to go for dessert (as always ;) ). Conveniently, Azuma Patisserie is located right next door with its many platters of chiffon cake after chiffon cake. They also have mini cakes and tarts, all brilliantly and colourfully decorated with berries and chocolates and cream. Their drinks menu contains a lot of green tea blends, which you can choose to get either hot or cold but they have the normal coffee items if you wish. They also sell frozen yoghurt and ice cream (Movenpick and Pat & Stick's yay!) but I must discourage you from trying the green tea frozen yoghurt. It really tastes funky.

My friend ordered the Iced Matcha Latte. Matcha is a green tea powder you can mix to create a variety of drinks or desserts. It has a strong green tea flavour and if you've ever been served a pot of green powder and an empty tea cup, that's what it is.

I got the Hoji Cha, a type of green tea with a 'caramel-like taste' according to the menu. I love the bittersweet taste of green tea and feel healthy and clean after drinking. The hot tea here is served in a traditional Japanese teapot.

No matter how full I am, there's always room for dessert. Food stomach, dessert stomach -they're separate. We got the Mont Blanc chestnut tart. If you're not used to eating chestnuts, this may taste a bit strange to you but I love love roasted chestnuts and this cute tart was happiness in my mouth.

Close up shot. There is a lavish whorl of cream and chestnuts surrounded by thick layer of chestnut cream. On the top, there is a huge piece of chestnut - the 'cherry' on top. It was a bit hard trying to break the pieces off without toppling the magnificent beehive over and ended up making a big mess of things.

I saw a customer trying a huge slice of chiffon cake and couldn't help but wonder at the taste. They have many different flavours (green tea, cinnamon (?), earl grey, etc) and on the side, there are rows of daifuku (yum!). I cant believe I didn't have a Pat & Stick's ice cream but I blame it on my bad condition. Now that I know a more accessible place than Crown St Grocer, I'll be visiting here often for my ice cream cravings.

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