Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Single Origin Roasters @ Surry Hills

Brunch time! The Man and I finally had a time where we were both free-ish before going into our respective hospitals so where else but Surry Hills for a peaceful brunch? With the aid of our trusty Urbanspoon, we opted for a new place for us - Single Origin Roasters, which has already been on the lips of many people near and far for their interesting coffee brewing styles.

The cafe is a dainty little cafe on the corner. They recently opened up the Sideshow, a hole in the wall for their takeaway orders. I remember passing by this cafe while we were searching for a place to eat and thought they wouldn't have much for food. I should have never underestimated this place, or any place in Surry Hills for that matter.

We had this Jafar looking face next to us saying 'soup'.

Their menu.

The breakfast menu, available until 11:45 am. You wouldn't find these creative dishes elsewhere. It was hard to choose among all these choices!

We both ordered their freshly pressed orange juice. It was pulp-free and the lightness of it made it seem like it was from a bottle. We were both alert and awake so we didn't order any coffees today but the next time we come, we'll definitely try their different brews.

I'll have to give a few claps for the presentation first of all. I just love colourful dishes and this truly was the epitome of beautiful shades and textures, like an artwork! I followed the dish with my eyes from when it appeared on the counter and couldn't hide my delight when the waitress placed it in front of us.

The Summer Hash - house smoked king salmon with poached hens egg on sourdough. Such an interesting combination of ingredients. The smoked salmon comes out cooked so it's actually a very thin fillet of salmon which was a shame because I think it would have made a more flavoursome dish had it come raw. Still, it was a lovely dish, quite hearty with the baby potatoes on top.

He devoured this like he always does.

My dish, the house creamed corn, avocado, bacon & tomato chutney on sourdough. For a second I had forgotten what I ordered and thought egg? when I saw the yellow mash. The creamed corn was sweet and so soft, my eyes went wide with the expression I supposedly get when I eat good food. The corn does get a bit sickly sweet towards the end and that's when the tomato chutney and the salad comes to the rescue. This was a very hearty meal that sustained me until 7:30 in the evening!

The only annoying thing about this dish was that every time my knife slid on the dish, it would made a low screeching sound and make me grimace with each cut. I solved the problem by cutting only the top layer and ripping the bottom apart but that sent the corn splattering everywhere and was probably the reason why my dish was so messy after I finished.

It's impossible to eat this neatly, well for me at least. The customers on the next table ordered the same dish but they hardly made a mess! Well I always say eating is supposed to be enjoyable and messy :)

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  1. I want to go to this cafe! I've read in a few places it has fantastic lamingtons.

    Nice blog btw, I hope you keep it up.

  2. Hi Keni! Their homemade cupcakes and lamingtons did look yummy. I saw a few people trying it out but I just had to go for my creamed corn :P This place is really close to the station so try it out!