Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Pie Tin @ Newtown

Ahh the Pie Tin. The up and coming eatery of 2012. Pies are such a common thing, found everywhere from that little corner shop at the station to well known restaurants. You can call a pastry bowl filled with meat a pie, but that doesn't mean the pastry is decadent and qualifies the crunch-o-meter. So forget your canteen meat pies with their soggy crusts and mystery fillings - the Pie Tin delivers pies in their prime.

Located in a quite alleyway in Newtown, you'd never know where it nested if you walked along the main road. The Man and I went for Friday lunch, and as expected, many customers frequented this place all throughout our stay. In the corner we saw an excited group of friends with huge pieces of sweet pies, for dessert or meal I cannot say, but that is where I went straightaway.

I only realized how many different pies there were when I stood drooling in front of this lovely display.

This ginormous apple pie was what first caught my eye but I chose the apple pie with the chocolate crumbles.

Their selection of savoury pies. Choosing what to eat is one of the hardest decisions I make in life. Once again, I had too many options but only one stomach!

The retro interior befits Newtown and its 'hipster' notoriety.

Cappuccino and latte. The coffees were okay but mine didn't have that deep, velvety cappuccino hit to wake me up.

Interesting number plate.

My apple pie! I couldn't wait until the savoury pies so I dug straight in. The sweetness was perfect and the occasional chocolate crumble was the fun part of the pie.

The Man took baby bites so I, of course, took the liberty of devouring this myself.

Finally! Pies! but they came with the wrong sides so we sent them back.

The Big Berta with mashed peas and leaf salad. Basically it's a huge meat pie but with a perfect pastry shell. What I really loved about their pies was that their pastry was fresh and fell easily in layers. The golden crunch is what I adore in pies.

I didn't get to try the leaf salad but it has huge chunks of pumpkin mixed in with the mound of rocket leaves. The peas were beautifully peppery with the pea's natural sweetness transforming the simple mash into a healthy and delicious morsel of its own.

Sicillian style chili lovers sausage & white bacon. Initially, I thought I got the wrong pie because it looked very bolognese-like but the first bite soon proved me wrong. It was on the spicy side, not fiery hot, but the tomato sauce adds a sweetness to the overall mixture. The sausages were plump and juicy and be patient, or you'll feel the inside of your mouth burn up from this hot meatball. I didn't see or taste any white bacon but even without them, I was having plenty of fun tearing up the outer crust and mopping up the inner fillings.

As for sides, I got the bean salad and the kumera mash. I thought I'd have something fresh and tangy with my heavy, carby meal. Although beans aren't exactly the best choice, I was glad I got this tangy medley because between bites of my hot pie, I needed a few scoops of this to cool me down. With each bite, the parsley in the salad freshens out your mouth and provides the zesty fun to help you through this huge meal.

Peekaboo! Sneak peek of the insides.

Who knew pies could be so good? I only regret that I could only fit in this much. For $10, the pie and the sides make a hearty meal to fuel you up (for a day or two) and healthy too! If I worked near here, there's no doubt that I'd become a regular pie lover. I certainly want to try the rest of their sweet pies and their shakes as well. Maybe a few more pieces next time.. I can guarantee I will be giggly and sugar high after my next visit.

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