Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweetness the Patisserie @ Epping

Ah Valentine's, full of sweets and love...but sweets mostly. I dropped by at Sweetness the Patisserie to grab a few Valentine's treats for the family. They had their usual heart shaped cookies and the fruit jellies but something different caught my eye.

Starting from the top left (clockwise), chocolate coated caramel apple, Valentine's marshmallows, banana streusel muffin, and red velvet whoopie pie. The latter two were my treats :)

Chocolate and caramel coated apple. This one was for my brother who I so dearly wish to be a child again. I've been craving red velvet cupcakes so when I saw this mysterious whoopie pie, I couldn't resist. I've heard of whoopie pies so much and have seen recipe books for whoopie pies. It looks like the Korean snack "Chocopie" which is a chocolate covered cake sandwich with a layer of marshmallow in between. The whoopie pie was even better. The red velvet cake was soft and not too sweet, and the creamy layer in between was also soft yet bouncy.

If you think of Sweetness, you're bound to think of their many flavoured marshmallows. For Valentine's, they had cubes of pink and white marshmallows, packed in a simple white box. This one was for my mom.

I just got this muffin for lunch because the crumble on top looked so delicious. The muffin was a bit dry and tasted artificially sweet. The crumble was a sugary mixture of cookie crumbs which made me feel a bit sick when eating it. The crushed walnuts in the muffin made it drier. I was so sad.

Their sweets are expensive for an everyday snack but if you're looking for a gift for a special someone, their beautiful desserts will score you some points!

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