Monday, February 13, 2012

Toast Cafe @ Surry Hills

Just another relaxing day. We stopped by at Toast Cafe at Surry Hills before the Man went to check out the Herringbone warehouse. I remember passing by this place several times but never had a chance to try it out til now.

It's located close to Central station, across from Single Origin Roasters.

The secret garden-like interior makes this place a haven among the urban jungle.

The windows are open from one wall to the other, letting in cool breezes and fresh air. It also provides an open space for you to enjoy your meal and coffee.


Little details like this makes the difference. That's salt in the shallow plate.

Cappucino and latte. The coffee was nice and strong, topped with a thick, velvet sheet of foam.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Their eggs benedict only consists of poached egg, hollandaise sauce and sourdough so you need to add in extras. The sourdough was definitely toasted, as you can see by the golden surface but the bread was soggy so it was quite tough to cut through. The hollandaise sauce was very subtle. It definitely required more flavour, a bit of tang.

The Morrocan breakfast. As soon as they set down the plate, the whiff of garlic hits my nose. It's an interesting combination as a breakfast meal with flat bread instead of your normal bread and heaps of garlic potatoes to replace your morning carb intake.

Complimentary flat bread. So much flat bread.. it's so thin you would think you wouldn't get full from this but along with the spinach and egg, 4 slices was good enough for me.

The idea was good but the garlic is quite overpowering, drowning out other flavours. I had to have a sip of coffee to cleanse my palate before having the spinach and egg. If you have your toiletries, then go for it but if not, expect a fiery garlic breath.

Hommus. I spread this across the flat bread before stacking it with spinach and egg.

I wish they would have given me a bunch of coriander instead because the coriander helped with the overall garlicky dish. The food was fine and the service was okay but the staff could brighten up with a smile. There were blueberry pancakes on the dish that was a popular item at Toast so I'll return some time to try that out. In the meantime, I'm not in a hurry to go again.

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