Monday, February 13, 2012

Stitch @ Wynyard

My goal for 2012 is to visit as many eateries and bars as I can. As he reads this, the Man will probably be shuddering since he is my soul 'sponsor' for my food adventures but luckily, he enjoys the experience as much as I do (and I do try to help out whenever I can!).

Together, we're starting to gain a sense of maturity, both emotionally and gastronomically, and instead of having drinks at Star Bar or Pavilion Hotel like we did in our teens, we're gradually surfing through all the wine bars in Sydney. Our recent stop - Stitch!

I've been here before with my gal pals but it was the first time I brought the Man. Stepping through the 'closet' doors, his eyes grew wide with excitement. You would never know this was a bar walking along York St. I would have just stared hungrily at the cupcakes then passed it by. It feels like a special and exclusive space, sort of like those special rooms in Harry Potter :p

Their cocktail menu is quite extensive. Pages upon pages of drinks, sweet and strong, are available and they all have interesting names like "Elegantly Wasted". At the front, they have a short food menu, mainly burgers and hot dogs but they also have a dessert's section if you feel like something sweet. They also sell Pat and Stick's ice cream sandwiches but 9 bucks?! I think not.

The dim lighting and the rustic interior is perfect for enjoying your private times with friends/lovers. There aren't many seats but luckily, it was quite free this night (it was a Saturday, around 7:30).

The wine is stored in a cellar underneath the staircase.

High and Dry for me, Monkey Magic for the Man.

This was the High and Dry (excuse the flash), garnished with a sprig of rosemary. Both drinks were sweet and you couldn't taste the alcohol at all in the Monkey Magic whereas with mine, there was a subtle aftertaste of brandy which made you go for more of those lovely curly fries but it wasn't unpleasantly strong. The sweet apple juice mix made it easier on my empty stomach. The Man commented on how his tasted like 'gatorade' and finished more than half of it before the food came out.

Their famous curly fries and carnitas (pulled pork soft taco).

Mmmm grill lines make anything look tasty and indeed it was. The pulled pork was a bit dry and tough but the avocado, yoghurt and salsa verde coated the pork well enough for us to enjoy it without any fusses. Compared to other Mexican places, I would say it's slightly bland but a hidden spiciness hit us after a few bites. Whether it was this or the fries, I cannot say but I felt that the hot sauce in this played a part in me swigging down the cocktail to calm my tongue.

The curly fries. We weren't expecting something like this at all. Each piece was so cleanly cut, coated generously with spicy paprika. This was the bigger size for $9 but you can also get a smaller one for $6. Great for value I would say. It was surprisingly spicier than I thought it would be but that didn't stop us from finishing the entire thing.

That's how long each piece was, so I had to hold the extra long ones above my head and chomp it shorter from the bottom. It wasn't crunchy but it wasn't soggy. The fries were still bouncy and chewy, and the curliness brought me back to childhood as I sat there making my way through the delicious curls. This will most definitely be a staple item on my future visits.

The cocktails are quite pricey, averaging around $19, but as long as you're not looking to get wasted, have a glass or two to loosen you up.

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