Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tommy Thai Smile @ West Ryde

While travelling Thailand, I've had pad thai nearly every second day. There was cheap street food everywhere, delicious and fresh, so we were constantly eating and constantly searching for new dishes to try. I thought I wouldn't have Thai food for a looooooong time afterwards but I came to crave it soon enough. Thai Curry was closed so we went to the other Thai place at West Ryde, Tommy Thai Smile.

If Thai Curry has that homey, authentic feel to it, this place makes you feel like you're in a Thai palace.

The decor is neat and fancy but the lighting a bit dim.

Coconut juice! I really missed this!

The calamari. One calamari is fried to a crisp, but don't be fooled by the exterior. The calamari is soft and nicely spiced so you don't even need the sweet chili sauce. It'll only overpower the subtle spice flavour.

Spicy noodles with chicken and chicken panang curry.

The curry was sweet but not overly coconuty. The chicken was soft and you could tell they used fresh chicken instead of pre-cooked chicken, which leaves the chicken tough and dry. Little pieces of veggies are submerged in the creamy curry and add their own flavours to each bite.

The spicy noodles with chicken. It's a simple fried noodle dish but I couldn't help but admire the subtle details. Set on a piece of banana leaf, this dish looks like is should be served at a beachside resort. Sprinkles of orange egg strips decorate the peak, making this dish fun to see as well as eat.

The egg itself doesn't have any special flavour but the noodles are certainly full of flavour. I've asked for medium spiciness so the flavours were thoroughly enjoyable. Sometimes, simple dishes are the hardest to master but these dishes have been flavoured and presented beautifully. Plus, their friendly service really did put a smile on my face :)

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