Monday, January 16, 2012

Bona Fides Cafe @ CBD

Town Hall has never been the place for brunch - that award goes to Surry Hills which all its quirky and delicious cafes and restaurants. The places at Town Hall, okay but ordinary. Bona Fides is one such place. Nothing special but an alright place for a meal.

A simple breakfast menu. I thought the prices were quite expensive for what we were served but before today, I've been here at lunch and the lunch specials have been quite good and creative. The breakfast menu, however, is the same old traditional Aussie brekky dishes.

Hazelnut latte and cappucino. The glass and mug were huge! I couldn't finish mine even though the coffee was good. It was just too much straight dairy for the morning.

Fancy water glass.

Cute pear shaped sugar holder.

The brazilian breakfast. Eggs and toast with bacon and chorizo.

The amount of bacon and chorizo they gave us was nowhere near the price of $16.90. So no go for this dish! The Man did mention he liked that the bacon was smoky and crispy on the edges.

Salmon benedict. The poached eggs are placed on top of ciabatta bread, different to the conventional English muffin benedicts. The hollandaise sauce is very yellow, almost too yellow and quite thick so my guess is that a lot of butter went in to make this sauce. It would have been better it the sauce had more tang to it. The butter on the toast gave more flavour and it was too much of just cream.

Each ingredient is placed separately so you have to make your stack yourself. It makes the dish look like a colourful flower garden.

Rolls of red salmon.

The egg was poached beautifully. Look at that explosion of yolk!

This place is easy to go unnoticed unless you walk right past it. For a simple, no fuss meal, it's a clean and convenient place to go.

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