Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bean Cafe Bar and Bistro @ Rozelle

Where else can we go for breakfast on a lazy weekend morning? Rozelle and Balmain are bursting with cafes and restaurants, bakeries and patisseries, and it's an easy drive, except the stark lack of parking spaces. We meant to try out Rosebud but on the way there after a grueling parking experience, we were entranced by this cozy retro cafe. The Bean. What a cute name! It reminds me of a Dr Seuss book.

The decor is very retro and old school but still has a modern tinge to it. Posters of old and famous rock stars and movies are hung up across one wide wall. On another wall, they've placed colourful old school toasters on display. Books lines the shelves and it looks like you can exchange one of your own books for one of theirs.

The menu isn't snazzy like a Surry Hills cafe but keeps to simple but essential dishes. I was torn between the pancakes and the muesli but gave in to the pancakes in the end. The Man got the big brekky, as an excuse to add another on the big brekky list.

Latte and cappuccino. Our usuals. I wanted a fresh juice but they only sold bottled ones. The coffee was smooth and well brewed so I didn't mind it.

My buttermilk pancakes! Don't be fooled by the simplicity. These stacks actually have an addictive flavour that forces you to eat beyond your limit. The pancakes are huge and thick, very evenly cooked through and have a subtle eggy/creamy flavour. The delightful mixture of the sweet and sour poached rhubarbs with the sweet and crunchy almond crumble is irresistible and although the creme fraiche melted really quickly, it was good while it lasted.

The almond crumble. It seemed like they crushed an almond shortbread. I'm always up for sweet breakfasts and desserts so I wouldn't have even minded if they buried the pancakes in crumble.

The big bean, their big breakfast.

The Man is polishing his stacking technique. He was rather proud of this one..

Other things to note were their service. Food came out quickly enough but their waitresses are always occupied somewhere, sometimes disappears even, so don't miss your opportunity and end up starving. The noise levels are quite high and sometimes it was hard to hear what the other person was saying and I think we both spoke an octave or so higher. But still, everyone is comfortable in their conversations and we enjoyed our meals so put this on your lists!

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