Friday, January 27, 2012

Cafe XXII @ Pyrmont

At last! Our brunch date at Cafe XXII! After our last visit here, we've been trying to make some time to try their weekend-only brunch menu and finally managed, but on a ridiculously pouring day. We battled through the rain, huddling up beneath my small umbrella but even on this stormy morning, there were quite a lot of people for coffee and brunch.

I've always loved their menu. So simple yet chic.

3 separate rooms.

Organic blood orange juice. It isn't freshly squeezed but it comes from a bottle that they deliver every morning. It was nice but very sour and my face felt like it was getting sucked inwards.

Mine, the breakfast stack.

The big brekky for the Man. I loved the sausages and the tomatoes the best and deem them the best in Sydney. The sausages were greasy but so deliciously soft. They actually melted in your mouth and exploded to release the warm pork-flavoured oil. Shame there was only one! The tomatoes were grilled through and through so they were also soft and very juicy. They used roma tomatoes so they were really sweet.

Their famous breakfast stack! It doesn't look too big but you'd be surprised how full you get with this. I personally love haloumi cheese and couldn't get enough of this. Sweet and savoury gather to create the perfect breakfast for me with the sweet juiciness of the tomato balancing out the savoury cheese and egg. The bed of rocket zest up the dish so you get a mouth full of lovely flavours!

Beautifully poached egg. The palette of colours was also very pleasing to look at.

It was a beautiful breakfast at a beautiful place. It was raining but that was only the beginning of our food adventures for the day!

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