Friday, January 27, 2012

Adriano Zumbo and the Gallery

Post-brunch, we were both happy and satisfied and on our way to our second course of the day, to the cinema! but once we were walking past the Star, we couldn't help but take a detour to check out the new Adriano Zumbo Patissier. It was too early so the dessert train wasn't open but the shop already had a lot of people visually enjoying the colourful desserts.

We just had to get these. Our macaroon tasting pack. The box was so cute and small, perfect as small gifts.

The left one is a chocolate, cinnamon and chili macaroon. It's very sweet but also spicy. I never quite understood chili chocolates so pass, this is not my type of macaroon. The right one however was just the right amount of sweetness with a zesty aftertaste. This is the passionfruit and tonka bean macaroon. We should have gotten two of these because I almost didn't want to share this one.

Our stomachs were truly having a good day.

Our third course - the Art Gallery of NSW. We came to see the Picasso exhibition but it was also time we had lunch so we went down to the cafe on the lower floor. It was busy even on this rainy day.

Water and cutlery is self service.

Chicken tandoori wrap and the scones. We got these as a deal so the Man also got a bottle of lemon lime bitters and I got a pot of tea. Just the thing to warm me up in the dampness.

The wrap, as you can see, is filled with chunks of chicken. The tandoori sauce that coated the chicken was quite mild, almost bland. You can taste it but the flavour disappears so quickly you wish there was more to it. I don't really like toasted wraps because I dislike soggy and warm leaves. The orange tortilla wrap was pretty though and made this almost gourmet.

Scones! I've been craving them for months but have been too lazy to make them myself. They were certainly shaped nicely but they could have been baked a bit longer to make them crunchier on the outside. They were dense enough on the inside and soft.

Strawberry jam and vanilla cream. The cream could have been thicker although it was still nice. It melted too quickly and just soaked through the scones so you couldn't enjoy the flavour much.

It was an alright meal to fuel us through the many rooms of the Picasso exhibition. The weather was actually perfect for a day at the gallery as you can enjoy the beautiful artwork unawares of any other concern in the world. The exhibition finishes in late March so be sure to see the endless talents of Picasso before it finishes!

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