Friday, November 25, 2011

Cafe Topiary @ Epping

The Man and I are quite the health freaks with regular gym workouts that we prioritize over outings and work, except when it comes to food. We met early in the morning so we could digest before we went to work out together but the temptations are too great!

Latte for the Man, chai latte for me! Their foamy drinks (eg. cappuccino, chai latte) always have a soft, smooth layer of foam on top whereas most places pour in the foam without popping the bubbles first. I like scooping up the foam with the melted chocolate powder or cinnamon sugar so the coffee here has always been my favourite. Plus, they use Campos.

Even in the pouring rain, Cafe Topiary always has many customers. It's cozy and convenient to get to, and the homey architecture of the cafe makes you feel at home.


The big brekky for the Man. He loved that the bacon was crispy although every time we come here, we wish the bread was of better quality and that the butter is more thoroughly spread. The hash browns are all fried, not much potato.

My omelette with bacon. One instructor once told me that a salty meal before a work out prevents cramps. I tend to overeat despite having to go to a cycle class or any other high intensity cardio class so cramps have always been a problem for me.

The stuffings have been folded into the egg so they fall freely from the egg. There isn't as much bacon as I would have liked, just a bit on the outside of the shell. There was no lack of veggies though and I felt so proud of myself for eating a healthy meal.

Their service is friendly and quick, although you can expect to twist your spines trying to get the staff's attention during busy hours. They also have a patio, perfect for all those cute four-legged customers. During the evenings, you can also hire the venue as a function centre which can make a different and classy evening for you and your friends.

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