Friday, November 25, 2011

Sassy's Red @ Westfield Sydney

Finding a seat at the Westfield Sydney food court is a battle. You need to be quick and alert or you'll be standing around with your tray in hand for another 10-15 mins. Nonetheless, I love this place and I have yet to conquer the other places I haven't tried. It was way past lunch time when me and the Man came for a late lunch for there were plenty of spots available.

It had started raining outside and I dressed too thinly for the dismal weather so I felt like something hearty and soupy. Nothing really crossed my mind until I saw Sassy's Red - laksa!

Sassy's Red has their own seating area, convenient if you and your groups are ordering only from here. Normally, they seem to have one or two places available even during busy lunch hours.

My vegetable laksa, because I never seem to eat the meat or seafood they give with laksa. The first sip was oh so heavenly, the deep flavour of the spicy coconut stock just melting my insides. We both couldn't stop sipping the lovely soup.

Sorry about the messy photo but I just had to point out how less greasy their soup is compared to other laksas I've eaten. The soup is full of flavour, and is thick with a bit of grainy texture to it. The fried tofu has fully absorbed the soup into every bubble and drizzles out with each bite.

Crispy seafood mee. The dishes here have an authentic flavour, fresh and real. They almost taste healthy!

The Man loves to be in my photos :)

Being silly. We've also demolished our meals! (except my veggies)

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