Friday, November 11, 2011

Snag Stand @ Westfield Sydney

It was just an ordinary day when 3 friends met up after uni/hospital for a quick meal. I recommended we go to the Westfield Sydney food court where it would be nicely air conditioned and there are plenty of choices to satisfy your stomach from. I've had my eye set on the Chili Dog at Snag Stand since I'm a great fan of all chili dogs and chili fries and chili everything and the rest of the gang was also eager to try this one out.

We couldn't just have the hot dogs so we decided to get a box of chips each. Let me just say that these chips are great. They're similar to the ones at the West Ryde Hotel but less spiced. Half wedge, half chip - chedges is what I like to call them!

The fried layer is very thin and very crunchy too.

This chili dog gave me a stomachache the next day but I still chugged on because it was still good. I love their toasted brioche buns, so crunchy and dense. The sausages are soft and tender, and cuts easily with your teeth. I had to use a knife and fork because the grease went everywhere and I didn't want to ruin my hospital clothes.

If you've eaten chili con carne before, that's the sort of flavour you should expect, except it's a lot chilier and there aren't any beans. This is indeed the chili dog. It would have been better if the cheese was melted because it was just messy because they didn't stick to the chili mixture. Melted cheese and chili con carne, that would have made this hot dog a true American-Mexican chili dog.

Our dips. I've forgotten which one was which but my favourite was the herby aioli. The chips don't really need any other flavouring and are delicious by themselves but these added the refreshing zest to the burning meal we just had.

The chili dog was delicious, but never again.. I'll stick to the American Classic from now on.

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