Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Noggi @ Strathfield

Strathfield has another cool place to hangout - Noggi! Their first store is at Macquarie Centre which has been very popular with young adults and kids even through the cold days of winter. Its rival Moochi is less than a 100 m away from this store and I have yet to hold a taste battle between the two but I promise you that will be held soon..

It's right in front of kiss and ride so you won't miss it. After school is an especially busy time with all the students flocking in for some froyo so avoid peak hour if you don't want to wait 15 minutes.

Their menu gives instructions on how to order but it's pretty simple. Choose your size, your flavour, and your toppings. You get three toppings with each and as their specials, you get free toppings if you come in your school uniform. I was even considering wearing my old one :p

One thing that really caught my attention was their decor. Their ceiling has a wavy road that brightens up when they dim the lights.

They also crank up the music so it feels more like a bar than a froyo booth. It was around 9 and even then the line was quite long and all the seating were full. They have more toppings than the Macquarie store but some of them seem a bit wonky to me (eg. gummy bears).

Noggi! Compared to Moochi, they pack in more into the container. Their strawberries are really sweet and well cubed, making it easy to scoop them up and ration them with the froyo.

Muesli, oreos and strawberries. My favourite toppings :) Their froyo is definitely more airy and lighter than the Moochi one which is more creamy. Noggi has a cleaner aftertaste because of that and even after a big meal, you can finish a Maxi without problem.

It's healthy and delicious, and perfect in time for summer! Or even nowadays since it's ridiculously hot and humid. I could really do with one right now. Plus, it's open til midnight with the exception of Friday and Saturday when it's open til 1am. It must be incredibly tiring for the staff but for those of use with nowhere to go on weekends, it's the perfect place to enjoy some company and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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  1. I work and study at ACU up the road from Noggi. I've tried Moochi but I'm yet to try this place. I hope during the semester they do something like the uniform special for us too!
    Definitely trying this place very soon.
    A. x

  2. Hey Angelique! Yup definitely worth a try, especially with the weather getting hotter and hotter! They also make a Korean shaved ice dessert called bingsu using froyo instead of ice cream. If you go to Strathfield during the summer, you'll see many many people having that one so try that one out too!