Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liu Rose Restaurant @ Concord

Our average Tuesday consists of hospital visits, work, work, and a late night meal. We normally eat around West Ryde and have tried most places around there. We wanted a bit of variation so we decided to conquer all the places at Concord. The first was Abhi's restaurant, the next on our list was Liu Rose restaurant!

The Ultimate in Chinese Cuisine! We'll see about that..

The menu is quite extensive. They even have crocodile!

The decor is very fancy in the traditional Chinese way. Red is supposed to be the colour to stimulate hunger. We were past starving by this stage.

For the rice.

The Liu Rose Flower - deep fried spheres made with prawn, pork, harm, mushroom, water chestnuts, and cabbage, served with sweet and sour sauce.

We were confused when we read 'spheres'. We thought it was a type of Chinese vegetable but when it came out, they were actual spheres (silly us).

We were salivating beyond human standards by the time this came out. We couldn't wait to dig in and impatiently took a bite. It was hot. It's a big crunchy ball full of a sticky combination of veggies and meat. It had a slightly salty flavour by itself and was served with sweet and sour sauce.

The rice!

Seasoned fillet chicken - marinated fillet chicken cooked with a very special sauce made of garlic, peanut paste, hoi sin, bbq rib sauce, rice wine and honey. Surrounded by deep fried spinach leaves and cashews.

Such a detailed description of the dish. The chicken marinade tasted like satay, nutty and sweet. I think it was a bit too sweet for my liking. The deep fried spinach was really nice! It was a good savoury accompaniment to the sweetness of the chicken. I love cashews in my Asian dishes, so crunchy and fun.

Flaming Pork Ribs - choice cuts of pork chop marinated and braised with garlic, ginger, onion, home made special sauce and wrapped in foil.

It's actually flaming!

The pork was juicy and chewy. The cuts were a bit uneven, some being way too big to chew so I gave these away to the Man :p The marinade was sweet and sour with a hint of bbq sauce.

This was enough for the two of us. Crazed by our hunger, we were about to order more when the elderly waiter told us this was more than enough.

Fortune cookies! I wonder what's in store for me..

Hmm.. A bit scary.

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