Monday, December 26, 2011

Cafe Ish @ Surry Hills

It takes a creative mind to cook and design dishes as well as a sophisticated palate to grasp the intricate flavours of each ingredient. When I encounter strange yet wonderful new dishes, I'm part excited, part scared, uncertain of what bursts of flavours I'm to expect. Especially with Cafe Ish, I wasn't sure how they were going to incorporate Japanese flavours into Australian dishes. So many blogs have raved about this place and I've been here before with the Man, but I haven't had the chance to write about it then so this is what the Fantastic Four, as my boyfriend calls us, have experienced at this homey yet edgy cafe.

Tight Arse Tuesdays! Only 10 bucks for these on the menu. They also have specials for each day of the week.

Orange juice. It looks small but it was a struggle to finish mine after all the food.

Sencha. It came with a cute spiced rice cracker.

Croc in the Rock - crocodile sausage, egg, shallot and organic fetta in toast with tomato relish. An exciting Aussie combo that's hearty as well as healthy.

When I visited Japan, many cafes served their toast and eggs in this way with the egg stuffed in the bread, except they used those lovely thick loaves of white bread. Here, they used sourdough which my friend struggled to cut through.

The tomato relish.

Veg Omelette. This omelette has spinach, sweet potato and tofu stuffing. There was too much spinach, too little sweet potato for my liking but the sweet and sour sauce was very garlicky and tangy. The tofu isn't naked but coated like agedashi tofu that absorbed the sauce well.

The sweet and sour sauce was overwhelming in large amounts but the garlic did help a tad bit.

There isn't much in there but I was quite full after the meal. I don't think it was from the omelette itself though but from the sweet sauce and the orange juice.

Crab omelette - karaage soft shell crab, avocado, shallot, garlic, chili, soy, ginger dressing and lime

Apologies but I don't remember how this tasted. I just remember that the sauce was really good..

It's difficult trying to remember something from one month ago but I've been overseas at Thailand so I didn't have the time! All I know is that this meal was very enjoyable and the staff, very friendly. The last time I came here I saw another blogger, snapping away with his huge camera. It was quiet on the day I went but the menus are continuously changing so it'll be worthwhile to check this place out soon.

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