Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweetness the Patisserie @ Epping

Epping had never been a place for good food and a happy stomach. Everytime I feel lazy and venture out for food, I could never come up with a clear decision as to what I wanted. I guess sweets aren't really 'food' food but nonetheless when this pretty little shop appeared on the streets, I was one of the eager firsts to try this place.

My mother, thinking I was photographing her :p

Sweetness is towards North Epping on Oxford Street. Just a bit across from the post office, this shop is sweet inside out with its pastel toned exterior and its very sweet insides. The patissiers are busy like Christmas elves, kneading and baking and decorating, making new desserts everyday.

For Christmas they were selling special holiday desserts.

These marshmallows are quite famous. Each colour has a different flavour, distinct and delicious. They come in different sizes, from bite sized mini ones to bigger blocks.

How can you possibly choose a few?

The macaroons. They weren't as soft as I thought and the chocolate filling didn't really go well with the fruity shells. They break really easily so be careful how you hold them.

Almond & ginger slice and raspberry & turmeric (?) tart.

This one had real chunks of caramelized ginger. The ginger wasn't overpowering but this slice felt quite healthy. It was slightly dry so you can't go long without a sip of drink.

This berry tart also had a healthy spicy tinge to it but it was still sweet nonetheless. The raspberry filling had a tangy sweetness to it while the shortbread crust was crunchy and spicy.

My mom thought this was too sweet for her so I had most of it. By the end, I did feel like something savoury but it wasn't sickly sweet. These were actual gourmet desserts that serve quality as well as flavour!

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