Friday, December 30, 2011

Cafe Topiary @ Epping

It's time to catch up with old friends! I've missed everyone so much while I was away and everyone is so busy near Christmas and New Years that it's so difficult to arrange a time for everyone to meet up together. Soooooooo, I met up with one friend today to enjoy the beautiful sunshine over brunch at Cafe Topiary.

The cafe was quite busy this morning with families laughing and relaxing over breakfast and coffee. Many had come out for grocery shopping post-Christmas and came to get some takeaway coffee. Among all the comings and goings it may be hard to get the staff's attention as I noticed when I was waving my hand in the air for a few minutes to get the bill.

Brunch! I wasn't in my top condition so I had an orange and ginger juice to boost my energy.

Pear and raspberry bread, oh so beautifully toasted. The floral plate is so cute and pretty, I feel like I'm at a tea party.

Cinnamon butter. Spread this on your bread and voila! a lovely subtle cinnamon flavour on top of the sweet pear and raspberry.

French toast for my friend. Two slices of thick toast served with grilled bananas, bacon and berry compote. I don't normally like grilled bananas but the ones here were cooked to perfection. It was slightly cooled so it didn't feel like you were eating hot baby food. The bread itself was soft and well coated in its egg mixture.

The berry compote with huge blueberrires, strawberries and other little berries. And thus makes the wonderful combination of french toast goodness.

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