Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rockpool @ The Rocks

This visit to Rockpool definitely has to be the highlight of my food journeys so far. For our anniversary, the Man took me to this much famed restaurant - beautiful decor, beautiful food, beautiful wine. I actually didn't believe him when he told me where we were going. 

The weather was quite wet and dreary as it always seems to be during the Vivid festival but once we were inside, we instantly forgot about the rain and snugly waited for our yummies to come. 

It' been a while since this visit took place so sadly, I don't remember what we actually had. 

I have a thing for pretty lights.

There were only a few tables when we came in but then again, this was just the downstairs.

Always love a clean table, set up and ready.

Oh this bread! I know you're not supposed to pig out on the bread before the meal but this bread was so chewy and rustic that we couldn't help but finish it.


Creamy and savoury, this little appetizer was small but just enough to satisfy.

First course.

The blue swimmer crab and corn congee. Soft, creamy texture with familiar Asian flavours. 

This was the braised pork cheeks, I think. The Man didn't like the texture of the jelly-like meat but if you're used to it, then go for it.

Second course.

This was slightly sweet but oh so lovely!

Another oriental dish for the Man. 

Third course.

Date tart. The tart was very light and soft with a creamy filling and underlined with sweet dates. 

I remember I was vocally expressing my delight as I ate this dish, "Mmm! Wow! I like this."

Vacherin of pandan custard, coconut parfait, jasmine sorbet and lime granita. After all these courses, the lime granita was certainly a shock of contrasting flavours. 

The Man, being a fan of the sour and savoury, demolished this while I was happily lost in my date tart. 

Their service is also something to note. As of today, the service has definitely been the best I've experienced.

 I don't doubt all these new, themed restaurants have great food but it's a must to try out these classic fine dining restaurants. The complexity of flavours, textures, and presentation is what differentiates Rockpool from other fine dining restaurants. Each dish is beautiful and fun. Gratitude to the Man for such a fantastic night (from 'Spartacus' just in case you know it!) :) 

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  1. The date tart looks amazing. I always know something is stunning when I actually pause to take a half-eaten innards shot. lol

  2. Hi Helen! So true! I was admiring the half eaten tart between my bites. Simple yet so delicious!