Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reuben Hills @ Surry Hills

The days have been so beautiful these days and I'm on a semi-break at the moment so it's even better. I've been wanting to try a few places but didn't have the time which is why I couldn't blog for so long. Now that uni is getting busier and I'm spending more days at the hospital, it's getting harder to organise an outing, day or night. It was also my mom's day off so we couldn't waste this opportunity!

First stop, Reuben Hills! I've passed by this place many times while on the 891 and have stared at it longingly each time. I was quite excited. I like how the cafes and restaurants nowadays exude so much character. Even things like water bottles and cups make the visit a little bit more exciting!

The neon X at the entrance. It was around lunch time on a weekday and the cafe was already quite full. We had to choose to either wait for a table or sit at the counter. Mom wanted to check out the cafe so we put our name on the waiting list while sipping our coffee and juice at the counter.

They have the coffee roaster upstairs. The cafe itself is like a long warehouse with a painted garage door that opens up at the back. 

Another little thing that makes me happy.

Grapefruit juice! Deliciously sweet and sour, the juice was refreshing and perfect for this warm day. 

The smoked salmon ceviche. I forgot to take a photo of the menu (which was different to the online one) so I'm not exactly sure what goes in the dish. There's corn, cucumber, blood orange and a generous sprinkle of some sort of ground seed (mom said it was fennel seed?) that reminded me of a dish I had in Thailand. Mom wasn't used to the flavour and she found the dish bland but I thought it was clean and nice, although a bit small. 

Now the famous NOT reuben with wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, melted manchego & horseradish cream. I loved this dish. The pickled slaw was tangy against the creamy horseradish cream and the drizzle of oil made this little sandwich the clear winner of my food adventures for the day. I'm craving this even now as I write this and I'll be returning very soon, I hope, to try it again!  

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  1. i still have not been to reuben hills but im dying to try the not reuben!

  2. Hi! I wasn't sure what to say when ordering this dish and ended up nearly whispering 'can I have the (not) reuben, please?'