Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jinbuldak @ Eastwood

This Korean pub styled restaurant is found inside Eastwood pub. They serve the usual pub grub but have a special Korean menu on the side for those who are brave enough to try the infamous 'fire chicken' (buldak). Basically, the dish is grilled chicken marinaded in extremely hot sauce that could be excruciatingly painful for both the mouth and later on, the 'other side'. I prefer the buldon or the fire pork so that's what I get every time I visit this place. 

You get complementary pasta salad and pickled radish. The pickled radish is a lifesaver when the meat starts to burn you inside out. 

Quite a generous serving for $32! You could share this between three people and get some extras on the side to cool you down. 

The seasoned rice (jumokbap). 

Step 1. Cut the meat. 

Step 2. Mix it with the rice.
Step 3. Make rice balls with the gloves they give you.
Step 4. Enjoy!

The good thing about this place being at a pub is you can grab all sorts of drinks including beer, wine, spirits and Korean alcohol. It's a perfect place to chill with your friends if you're up for something a little different :)

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