Monday, September 10, 2012

Mojee @ Strathfield

Allow me to introduce to you the side of Korean food you're not familiar with. Normally, non-Koreans think of bulgogi, bibimbap, and maybe even soju when thinking of Korean food. Yes they are very common and Koreans love those dishes/drink as well but there are times when one feels nostalgic and feels like something 'homey'. 

Bunshik is a casual Korean cuisine. It's something you can get off the side of the streets in tents where people sit, drink and eat until late into the night. You can also find these eateries along the street around schools and universities as it is cheap but delicious. There are plenty of places in Sydney as well so if you're in for something different, then try these out!

The side. This is a type of kimchi but made with radishes. 

 Fish cake soup (odeng-guk). It's a seaweed/anchovy based soup that has a deep, rich flavour. Perfect for warming you up during cold days or to soothe your innards when you're having something hot.

Soondae (pig intestines stuffed with potato noodles) and gan (liver). They also give intestines which are the tan slimy looking things but personally, I don't like their texture. You dip it into the salt or...

you can dip it into the chili paste! This is the ddukbbokki, an assemble of rice cake, ramen noodles, fish cake and veggies. The paste might be too chili for some people so beware. Some places make their pastes thick, some places make it watery. I prefer it to be thick so I can dip my rice rolls or soondae in the sauce. It makes it even better!

This place is located upstairs of the chemist near the plaza. Just make your way down towards Santa Sabina High School from Gelatissimo and you should see their sign :)


  1. I'm always fascinated by soondae - it's texture is so intriguing - but I'm definitely a sucker for ddukbbokki. That chilli hit hurts so good. lol

  2. I'm definitely one of those non-Koreans who thinks of typical Korean fare at Korean restaurants.. but this all looks very interesting - I've never seen these sorts of dishes before :)

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