Friday, October 14, 2011

Cafe Centro @ Eastwood

Brunch, my favourite meal of the day! Me and the Man often have brunch dates but when it comes to choosing a place to go to, it's always difficult as there aren't that many nice places around my neighbourhood. Eastwood especially is the last place I'd venture out for western food so it came to quite a surprise when we tried out this busy cafe. Cafe Centro is a relaxing hangout for quality breakfast and coffee located next to Commonwealth Bank.

This place is always busy with friends and family catching up over a cup of coffee or enjoying a relaxing morning with a paper. They have their daily specials written across the walls in chalk and have cheaper deals on some days than on the menu. It was quite a warm day so I had watermelon juice and the french toast and the Man chose the big brekky and a latte.

The coffee came out after the food so we sat there quite thirstily as we chatted. They only have one or two waiters running around so expect a bit of a wait.

The big brekky (Centro brekky I think it was). The Man does love his big brekky. It comes out with a sprinkle of parsley to add that extra colour. Beneath that mountain of breakfast is a wholemeal ciabatta bread.

French toast with bacon and maple syrup. The bread was well soaked in egg so I didn't need that much maple syrup for more flavour. The bacon could have been crispier and they only gave two small slices so it was hard to ration it out with all that bread.

It's sprinkled with icing sugar on top but you can't really taste it. The bread itself isn't that thick but I was full after one slice. Along with my sweet and refreshing watermelon juice, the breakfast was quite satisfying. The freshly squeezed watermelon juice was so cool and nice that I just managed to resist myself from drinking it all before the food came out.

The menu may be ordinary but if I wanted a simple meal then Cafe Centro would be my choice. Speaking of french toast, I really need to try out the Kazbah one!

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