Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Abhi's Indian @ Concord

Whew what a busy month! I finally had the time to eat out somewhere different so I can make my post!

After work, me and the Man were on our way to have dinner at Strathfield. Choosing what to eat has always been a dilemma because I usually get multiple cravings and start throwing out every option possible. Even as we were driving, we were having discussions. The Man rejected every one of my suggestions :( so we just decided to stop by at this place on Concord Road.

This place has actually been on my wishlists for quite some time now. Indian food is quite heavy so it's hard to eat often but every now and then, I crave the butter chicken from the uni food court or a garlic naan wrap with the curried chicken inside.

The average age of the customers is quite high up there and it certainly doesn't seem like a place to just pop in for a quite bite. The Man was dressed smartly in his hospital clothes but I was in leggings and was feeling quite out of place. The overall ambiance is nice and somewhat exotic with the dim lighting and the cultural music playing in the background. People are chattering away with friends and we excitedly open the menu.

The price range is quite high for Indian food ($20+). We opt for the Chicken Mahkni, the mixed Tandoori Platter, some garlic naan and rice.

The lighting wasn't that great so the pictures are a bit hard to see :(

The mixed Tandoori Platter. It's not much but I highly recommend it as an entree between two! The lamb sausages were fresh and succulent, having none of the pungent lamb smell. They're almost oily but just the right amount to make the juice squelch between your teeth. The chicken tikka masala is tender and not too strong in flavour. With their fresh mint sauce, which also isn't too strong in flavour, the flavours balance out perfectly for that sufficient spiciness. The lamb cutlets were my favourite. Well seasoned and very tender. The fatty bit was the best as it wasn't too tough.

The Chicken Mahkni. Looks like butter chicken but much less creamier and more spicier. I loved the burst of Indian spices and the generous amounts of tender chicken fillets. The curry is not too watery, not too thick.

Garlic naan. It was a bit cold and didn't seem fresh. It didn't rip off as easily as I wanted it to.

The rice. Normally I prefer the naan over rice with my curries but today, rice > naan.

Yay, another off the wishlist! And a success as well ;) I love good food...

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