Friday, September 30, 2011

Picnic @ McCarr's Creek Reserve

The weather has been so funny lately. Cold one day, hot the next. I wish it would make up its mind already. I bet everyone's sick of locking themselves up at home away from the rain and chill, well I certainly was. Friday the 23rd was a rare moment of warmth, hot actually, so the Man and I decided to trip it to McCarr's Creek Reserve up north for a picnic and a dunk if the weather permits.

The day came and the weather was perfect! Not a cloud in sight and the heat hit me as soon as I woke up. Today, the Man was preparing the food so I was quite excited to see what he would conjure up this time. Maybe it's a guy thing but he seemed to have strange combinations at times, like rice, baked beans and kimchi so I mentally prepared myself for whatever he might have made. Just joking! His first try at cooking - a garlic prawn roll, turned out to be really good when he made it for our first picnic though I couldn't help giggling to myself as I imagined him hurrying about in the kitchen.

The view from our platform. We set up the picnic rug on a small wooden platform just in front of the waters. The view was fantastic and the trees provided a cool shade for us to relax in.

Oh he knows how much I love my Mexican food. He prepared a Mexican fiesta, complete with guacamole and both soft and hard shells! My mouth waters again as I look at the photos.

He had delicately prepared each ingredient in separate containers. How adorable :)

First you put the meat, then the tomatoes, then the lettuce, and heaps and heaps of guac! Then you top it off with a sprinkle of cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese..

And there you have it! A quick burrito or taco, depending on whichever one you feel like. This would actually made an easy and healthy meal for the day.

After the meal, we laid in the shade with holding onto our food babies until we digested a bit. The sun was too warm to waste so we excitedly jumped into the water. The first impact was shockingly cold but we soon got used to it and the sun dried us up fairly quickly. This place is very child friendly and for those fishermen out there, a lovely place to relax back on your chair and enjoy a bottle of cold beer!

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