Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pablos and Rusty's @ Epping

I've been off the radar for some time because I moved recently and I don't have any internet connection. I've discovered a new way of using the internet - internet tethering! Ie) using my iphone as my modem. Surprisingly, it's very fast and no glitches at all. I have been to a few places during the busy week but unfortunately I haven't been very diligent with my blogging so I only have this place to blog about.

Pablos and Rusty's is a chic cafe located in front of Epping station on the post office side. This franchise is found at several other locations including Gordon and Sydney Olympic Park but I think this one has a nice homey feeling to it. The service is really friendly and the coffee, smooth and creamy. It was a really hot day yesterday so I opted for Mango and Raspberry smoothie. (Sadly, they didn't have the banana & blueberry one!)

Beef burger and the bircher muesli.
With our drinks - chai latte and the smoothie.
Ooh this beef burger was a pleasant surprise. We didn't expect much of it since Pablos isn't exactly a food outlet but oh the relish, the melted cheese, the crispy Turkish bread! It was simply fantastic. I felt a pang of regret after biting into this..

My bircher muesli. I wanted something light and sweet. Excuse my eager boyfriend and his spoon.

The muesli was bland. There were drizzles of honey in between the layers every now and then but overall, it could have done with a bit more flavour. The texture was beautiful though and the slices of strawberries added a fresh sweetness. There were also almond(?) slices which gave it an extra crunch.

The Mango and Raspberry smoothie. I was disappointed with this one more than the muesli because I've tasted their smoothies before and they were really good, perfect during a hot summers day. However, this one was bland and tasted like diluted yoghurt. I should have gotten the Iced Chai, which is just divine here.

I've learned my lesson. I'll just stick to the coffee here.

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