Friday, September 30, 2011

Cafe Essen @ Civic Centre, Canberra

After a trip to the Canberra Museum & Gallery, we ventured around to find a nice cafe to have our lunch. I remember seeing Cafe Essen on Urbanspoon so we decided to try this place.

It was packed and the inside was quite small. The seats were placed very close to each other but it had a nice homey feel to it. They had a large collection of cakes which I wouldn't have minded trying but my mind was already set on having that cupcake I saw at the Butterfly Lounge at the Floriade.

The Man got the Full Monty - their version of a big brekky. It comes with a standard coffee and a glass of orange juice. I got the club sandwich because I was very, very hungry and I really needed energy after walking around with my heavy backpack.

Food has arrived!

The Club Sandwich. As soon as it came out I thought 'hmm..... this is tiny'. It wasn't the normal two tiered sandwich and the scant amount of fillings were bunched in the middle. The bread slice was thick though and it did have a bit of avocado. The hollandaise sauce wasn't too bad but I wasn't very happy after the meal. It just felt like I had half a loaf of bread.

The Full Monty. It was more of a small brekky with toast, egg, bacon, grilled tomato and some mushrooms. The bacon was good but everything else, just average.

The orange juice, very watery.

Canberra hasn't been much of a gastronomic adventure for me which was really, really sad because I'm always excited about trying new places at new places. It seems like I shall just have to conquer Sydney and its delicacies for now.

Cafe Essen on Urbanspoon

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