Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe @ Darling Harbour

Yes! The day we've been waiting for. A trip to the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe! We've been waiting for this day for so long, ever since we saw the sign at the Harbourside complex. It actually opened two months ago but I only saw it a couple of weeks ago because I haven't been out to the city in a while.

They don't take reservations for under 15 people so we had to take our chances and went at around 7 30. There was quite a long line both inside and outside. They gave us a buzzer and told us we needed to stay in the vicinity for the machine to work so we went to the bar and sat down for some cocktails.

You can order the cocktails in the souvenir glasses for around $4 more. The price is pretty hefty, averaging around $18 per cocktail. I ordered a margarita with blue curacao (forgot the name :P) and the Man got the purple haze. The drinks tasted so strong on an empty stomach but still tasty. Mine tasted really strongly of tequila though and the salt kept getting in the way, leaving a very salty aftertaste. Although tequila should be served with a dash of salt, I scraped mine out of the way.

My margarita.

Purple Haze.

Our drinks! First of a few..

These were so cute so I just snapped a photo of them. My boyfriend didn't understand why I was taking photos of a ketchup and mustard bottle.

Tada! The meal has arrived. Very quickly too. I think it was in less than 15 minutes since we sat down at our table.

Hickory-Smoked Pulled-Pork Sandwich. Heaps of pork with a dash of smokey barbeque sauce on top.

It was so big it was impossible to eat in one bite. I had to bite away the sides first to get to the inside. I wish it had more sauce though because the pork was quite tough and dry.

That's where these lovelies come in. Smokey BBQ baked beans. Just add an extra spoonful to the pork sandwich and voila, more flavour!

The Man - Smoked Bar-B-Que Beef Brisket Sandwich. Those stringy things on top are crispy onion straws. I had a taste of the beef brisket and it was soft and tender. Likewise, it tastes better with more sauce so add a bit of the baked beans.

It was also served with a side of coleslaw but it was nothing remarkable. It required more flavour and tasted like I was chewing on plain raw cabbage.

We both had very big food babies by the end of our meal and I couldn't even finish my dish but dessert is a must. We got the Hot Fudge Brownie, a devilishly chocolaty dessert. Inside the crispy outer shell was a soft gooey centre. It may be too much for the weak-hearted but if you have it with the ice cream, it balances it out quite well. The chopped walnuts on the top give it an extra chewiness.

There were also a few birthday celebrations throughout the night and the Hard Rock crew put on a little show for each birthday guest (very loudly). On the night, there was also a live band, although we were too far to see it, and the interior it quite retro and unique as all Hard Rock Cafes are. It was nice but the food wasn't anything to rave about and plus, it was on the pricey side. Regardless, it can be a fun experience with a few friends or just for a night out. The view certainly was spectacular!

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