Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cherry Beans Cafe

Cherry Beans Cafe is located on 166 Mona Vale Rd inside the St Ives Shopping Village. The cafe consists of two parts, the inside area where the kitchen is and the outside area where the seats are. There were many families but also people who were dining alone with their books or newspapers. Only recently opened in December, it's already a popular eatery among the St Ives residents.

I went with the Man and we were both hungry for some good food, him even more because he hadn't had breakfast yet. I chose an apple & ginger juice to start off with and him, a hazelnut latte. The strong ginger kick was detoxifying and delicious but that didn't overpower the sweet & sour granny apples. The juice was a pretty, light green colour and I had finished half of the drink before the food arrived.

For food I had the tandoori chicken wrap and he chose the Angus beef burger with fries. I added on a side of fries because I was craving something greasy and unhealthy but when the dishes arrived, it tasted like McDonalds fries but healthier with just the right amount of grease. The tandoori chicken wrap had been pressed so the wrap was nice and crispy but the chicken was a bit cold. Maybe that's how they meant to serve it but I didn't mind as I bit into the thick tandoori chicken filling. The rocket made sure the creamy tandoori didn't get too boring with that bitter hit. Now the burger. It was absolutely humongous! The Man had to bite through several times before he even reached the patty and he just stared off into blank space as he silently chewed through the burger in pure happiness.

This was my third visit at the cafe and having tried new dishes each time, I can confidently say that I've never been disappointed with the food. The service may be a bit slow at times because they're so busy but it must been the food is worth the wait! I will definitely be returning soon to try out the other dishes.

x Ash

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