Friday, July 22, 2011

Cafe Topiary

Cafe Topiary is one of the few nicer cafes around the Epping area. It's not hard to find as it is located just in front of Coles on Rawson St. They have a cute patio area where people come with their pets for a cup of coffee every now and then but on this crazy rainy day, we opted for the warmth and coziness of the indoors.

They use the famous Campos coffee. first introduced to me by one of my good friends when I was still sipping hot chocolates. The cappuccino had plenty of chocolate on top which I love love love scooping up and eating before even drinking the coffee. It could have been hotter though, so if you get a chance to try this place out, ask for 'extra hot'!

The Man, being the man, chose the Topiary Breakfast (big breakfast). They gave us an abundant amount of eggs and bacon, and the tomatoes were grilled to perfection. The only cons about this dish was the very thin bread and the overly fried hash browns that was all skin, no flesh. The best hash browns I've eaten so far are from Cafe Berlin or Cherry Beans Cafe.

I chose the Spanish Breakfast (I forgot the actual name). It's a type of eggs benedict but with chorizos. This was a beautiful dish and the amount of chorizos were just enough to finish the dish. The eggs were soft and runny, not rubbery like some places I've been to and the hollandaise sauce was creamy and tangy.

Despite the torrential rains, the cafe was still packed with many groups of friends and families enjoying a warm cup of coffee or wine with their meals. There's plenty of parking at the Coles parking lot so if you're in the area, try this place out!

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