Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pent Thai @ Epping

Pent Thai has been at Epping for several years now. I haven't been here very often despite its proximity because I always went to West Ryde instead. We were feeling lazy but hungry so we decided to try Pent Thai. 

From the outside it looks quite fancy. The Man was wearing his trackies so he was reluctant to go inside. The atmosphere inside, however, is cozy and the dim lighting makes sure that you're focused on your food and your friends. They also do free deliver for orders over $30 so I know where I'll be ordering from next ;)

Chef's specials. The Man got the Crying BBQ pork (funny name) and I got a traditional pad siew with tofu.

Very nice interior. Simple, but elegant.

Pad siew. It was extremely sweet. The noodles were nice and greasy, not sticking to each other, and the there were enough vegetables in there for some fun chewing times.

 The tofu was soft and silky, not those hard cheesy ones that other places normally use.

The Man's dish certainly was the victor of the night. The tender pork pieces are tossed in a ginger & lemongrass soy-based sauce with tangy spring onions to keep it light. It reminds me of this dish I tried in Thailand, where the street vendor tossed all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed it up. Simple, but full of flavour.

Crying BBQ pork. Interesting name, interesting flavours.

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  1. This place has been here since the mid-90s! So they must be doing something right! :-)

  2. Wow I didn't know it was around for that long! I used to go here often then sort of stopped after finding Thai Curry at West Ryde. Now that I know Pent Thai delivers, I guess I'll be eating from here more often!